Something I Never Thought I’d Say

I miss seeing wasps.

Every year, come spring/summer, my front and back garden would be full of wasps. We have a bush next to our front door that they absolutely love, I’d avoid going out there because there would be so many buzzing around – and it would be the same for the back garden. There’s a big, old plum tree we have, now we all know wasps love fruit, and let me tell you, they loved those plums. It’s another thing I would avoid going near, as I have a phobia of wasps and bees (not so much bees now, I’m getting better with them). They would be eating the fruit still hanging on the tree, clearing on those plums that fell on the floor. This year though, I’ve barely seen any. Just last year we’d have 5 or 6 wasps coming into the house a week. We’d be able to hear them once we went outside. We’d see them. But this year, I just… Haven’t.

Now, I don’t like wasps. I hate them. I’m terrified of them. But missing them from the garden doesn’t feel right. Not when the lack of wasps goes alongside the lack of bees. I’ve seen so few this year, it’s worrying. Especially when we had, not long ago, the government suspending the ban on pesticides that were linked with being dangerous to bees (see here). It’s like people don’t realise that bees are a thing we need for survival, and as much as I dislike wasps, they will have their purpose as well. Just look at my plum tree, those plums are fermenting on the grass, instead of being eaten by the wasps.

I’m worried, and I shouldn’t be. The people in power should be caring more for the environment than what goes into their pockets. But then, that’s what they’ve always been concerned with and then they carry on getting voted for? It blows my mind.

Rainy x


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