Lightening Strikes

lightning-bolt-768801_1280I woke up last night, around 2am. A light in my room had just switched to green, something I had put on charge. It was quiet for a moment whilst I blinked the sleep from my eyes, fighting back tiredness as I sat up and had a drink from the water I keep on the desk next to me. There was a soft hum from the fan that sat above my bed. I gradually tuned in to the patter of rain, a gentle stream that always calmed me. All my windows were open and the air was hot and humid, like it had been for the past few days.

I jumped, a roll of thunder cutting the near silence. Lightening scattered across the sky, shadowing the clouds in front, that I could just see from the crack in my curtains. I often woke up in the middle of the night, my sleeping habits settling into a new routine, my body more tired than it’s been used to. I was lucky, storms are a rare thing were I live, so to wake up just when one was starting shook what tiredness was left from me. I shifted closer to my window, pulling the curtains open so I could sit and watch as the sky lit up. It was a constant flickering of blue-grey light, distant thunder clattering over head, getting louder each time. The rain grew heavier, a downpour that flooded the gutter above my window, creating a waterfall that splashed loudly against the concrete path below. It was louder than the rain, for a moment, but the clouds had been collecting for a long time.

The next clap of thunder shook the house, deafening, just above my head. The storm went on for half hour more, micro power cuts turning my fan off for a second at a time, if that. I laid back down, the rain calming, but the sky still alive. Lightening carried on for a long time, though the rain stopped and the thunder seemed to roll into the distance.

I used to be afraid of storms; of the roar of thunder and the strikes of electricity that seemed so angry. I used to be scared it would strike at me, but now I love them. They’re something I look forward to in summer, when we have days upon days of hot weather. Twice now we’ve had beautifully powerful storms. It’s out of the ordinary, and perhaps a indicative of climate change, but I love them nonetheless.

Rainy x


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