A Bunny Introduction

About 3 or 4 weeks ago I finally got two beautiful baby buns. I’ve had rabbits before but



lost two too soon and had to re-home my other precious boy because circumstances meant I couldn’t keep him. Rewind 3 years of thinking I wouldn’t be able to get any more pets until I moved out and here we are! I have two beautiful babies, both 18 weeks old, nervous as hell and the best-est friends.

For introductions, we have Mocha – she’s a bit of a foodie, much more brave than her partner, but mostly when it comes to food. I think I’ve made more progress getting her to trust me than with Mochi, but we’ll get there. Mochi on the other hand, is super hesitant about pretty much anything. He runs away whenever I move too fast, but he’ll take treats from my hand no problem – which is improvement!



I’m trying to be super patient with them, not picking them up and only stroking them whenever they allow me to. It’s difficult, because they’re so cute. I’m getting to know their personalities at the moment, with them being so weary of me at the moment, they’re not coming out of their shells just yet. You’ll hear more about them in the future!


Rainy x


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